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We’re the leaders in creating affordable mortgages that fit every budget.

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Discover a mortgage experience like no other with New Tech Mortgage. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your home financing needs. Our innovative approach ensures tailored solutions, making your mortgage experience personalized and efficient. Embrace a new era in home financing with New Tech Mortgage – where your unique needs are our priority.

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Our Loan Products​

First-Time Homebuyer

Our first-time homebuyer loan products are designed to provide flexible financing options and competitive rates, empowering you to take the leap into homeownership with confidence.

Conventional Loans

With flexible down payment options and personalized guidance every step of the way, securing your dream home has never been easier.

FHA Loans

With low down payment requirements and lenient credit score criteria, our FHA loan products open the door to homeownership for a wider range of individuals.

USDA Loans

Backed by the United States Department of Agriculture, these loans are designed to promote homeownership in eligible rural and suburban communities. USDA loans offer competitive interest rates and zero down payment option.

VA Loans

For our brave veterans and active-duty service members, NewTech Mortgage proudly offers VA loans with exclusive benefits, including zero down payment options and competitive interest rates.

DSCR Loans

With competitive rates and flexible terms, we make financing your investment property a breeze. Say goodbye to personal income verification and hello to cash flow-based lending. Take the next step towards building your real estate portfolio today!

203K Construction Loan

Transform your homeownership dreams with the 203k Construction Loan from NewTech Mortgage. Ideal for homebuyers and investors, this loan combines property purchase and renovation costs, offering a seamless path to creating your ideal living space.


This flexible financial tool empowers homeowners to access funds as needed, whether for home improvements, education expenses, or other major financial goals. With competitive rates and convenient access to your home's equity, a HELOC provides financial flexibility for your evolving needs.

Fix & Flip Loans

Accelerate your real estate investment ventures with NewTech Mortgage's Fix & Flip Loan. Tailored for investors, this financing option streamlines the process of purchasing, renovating, and selling properties. Benefit from quick approval, flexible terms, and competitive interest rates to maximize your returns.