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Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loan, thoughtfully offered by NewTech Mortgage in compliance with mortgage laws, is a specialized financing option designed to support real estate investors and business owners.

Key Features of the DSCR Loan:

  • Tailored for Investors and Business Owners:
    Specifically crafted for real estate investors and business owners seeking financing solutions.

  • Debt-Service Coverage Ratio Focus:
    Emphasizes the Debt-Service Coverage Ratio, a key metric in commercial real estate financing.

  • Flexible Financing Structures:
    Offers flexibility in loan structures to meet the unique needs of investors and businesses.

DSCR Loan Eligibility:

To qualify for the DSCR Loan, applicants should consider the following:

  1. Commercial Real Estate Investment or Business Purpose:
    Intended for commercial real estate investment or business-related purposes.

  2. Debt-Service Coverage Ratio Considerations:
    Focus on maintaining a healthy Debt-Service Coverage Ratio for successful loan approval.

  3. Investor or Business Documentation:
    Provide relevant documentation outlining the purpose of the loan and the financial health of the investment or business.

Loan Application Process:

Initiate the application process for the DSCR Loan by preparing the following documentation:

  • Purpose of Loan Documentation:
    Clearly outline the intended purpose of the loan for commercial real estate investment or business use.

  • Debt-Service Coverage Ratio Analysis:
    Include comprehensive Debt-Service Coverage Ratio analysis to showcase the ability to cover debt obligations.

  • Investor or Business Financial Documents:
    Provide financial documents demonstrating the sound financial standing of the real estate investment or business.

  • Property or Business Details:
    Include specifics about the commercial property or business for which the loan is sought.

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